A number of women have recently told me me their partners complain about their body size.

Around the same time, Donald Trump publicly mocked Miss Universe.

These events opened my eyes to how women all over the world have been buying into the misunderstanding that it’s okay for others to tell us we are fat, ugly, hairy, or unworthy of love.

I, myself, had bought this misunderstanding, allowing a family member to tell me I was fat on a daily basis.

What a beautiful opportunity for us to take our bodies—and our power—back.

For too long, women have allowed men (and other women) dictate whether or not we are appropriately sized or shaped.

Isn’t it interesting that the word “fit” means slim/healthy as well as suitable?

It’s time now for women to reclaim our bodies, to stand firmly in our own self-worth (regardless of how we look, or how “fit” we are), and love ourselves exactly as we are.

No one else decides how fit we are. Not our boyfriends, not the media, especially not Donald Trump.

What a revolutionary act it is to love ourselves as we are.

We are at a turning point where thanks to current events, we can examine what’s churning beneath the surface of the collective consciousness.

It’s time now for women to reclaim our bodies, remember our worth, and hold each other’s hands, lifting each other up as we move forward with love and trust, knowing that nothing about us needs to change.

No pounds need to be lost, no make up needs to be purchased, no diets need to be started to gain anyone else’s approval.

We already approve of ourselves.

We are at the helm of something big. We are part of a wave of remembering that we are already enough.

And we now have the power and sisterhood to ensure that no man, woman, or media source can make us forget.