“Because of Allison, I finally broke out of my safety shell that I was so unhappy in.”
—Christinna, 17

“Allison holds a healing and loving space that is deep and profound. In her presence, healing doesn’t just ‘happen,’ it’s INEVITABLE!”
—Cora, 33

“I had been living the past couple of years completely out of touch with my body and its needs. After only one session, I now find myself checking in with my body a couple of times each day, each time with love, compassion, and inquisitiveness.  I feel much more integrated and whole as a result of our session. Thank you, Allison, for introducing me to such an amazing tool.”
—Isha, 30

“Allison Dryja is amazing. Her work is powerful and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. If you’re even a little bit curious what it feels like to be held gently and changed deeply around how you connect to your body and Spirit… Take her up on her program. She’s the best.”
—Katie, 52

“Allison helped me to heal the bonds of love and connection with my body. Now she and I work together to get my needs met, explore the rocky coasts where past fear meets present reality and live life from a place of wholeness rather than separation. If you want to heal the relationship with your body, take Allison up on her program. It will be time well spent. I thank Allison so very, very much for sharing her gifts with me. Our work together has been both gentle and holistically altering.”
—Laura, 38

“Allison is amazing at her craft! She provided a very safe and supportive space for me to explore my inner truth. The questions she asked me while guiding me through a meditation were perfect. She helped me to hone-in on what my body was feeling and saying. The questions coupled with her warm, soothing voice as well as the depth of her guidance helped me to open up to a place within myself that I hadn’t accessed before and for that I’m eternally grateful!”
—Emily, 35

“Allison’s coaching is a life changer! My sixtieth birthday is just a couple months away and I am now healthier, more fit and happier with myself and my body than I was when I was a young woman. Allison’s gentle yet powerful approach works! She helped me discover ways to seamlessly incorporate healthier living into MY life. I’m writing this review five months after completing Allison’s 12 week program—the lost 10 pounds have stayed lost, and the love and appreciation for Allison’s help stays very much alive!”
—Maureen, 59

“I have made some real changes because of Allison’s advice, inspiration and motivation. Before our calls I felt very stressed, anxious, and I was ignoring my feelings. Allison really helped me acknowledge these feelings, which in turn cured a lot of my health issues (stomach problems, acne, overeating, energy crashes). I finally feel like I am accepting myself for who I am and focusing on the positive not the negative!”
—Katherine, 30

“Working with Allison over many months was not only beneficial in changing my diet to a more healthy and satisfying one, but taking a look at my motivations in my daily life, as well. Her gentle ways and powerful insight enabled me to see myself objectively and make changes accordingly in my lifestyle. This was a valued educational experience for me and I would highly recommend this wonderful coach.”
—Jeannie, 65