What a nice feet if you just stay indoors? But nothing is better than preparing a pair of sandals and sleeveless shirts to walk around the city. Before we find blouses or sandals, focus on elbows dead white skin cells that turn black and rough! And heels do not look beautiful anymore! What causes calluses on feet? How to take care of your elbows and heels? From today, take care of these two areas and confidently wear short-sleeved shirts with sandals!

What causes calluses on elbows and feet

Many people are curious, “do not know why areas elbows and heels have more dead cells appear than other parts of the body?”. The main reason is to protect the bones and blood vessels inside our body, which is the part we touch and touch so much that it’s easy to get thick. Therefore, we do not need to over-exfoliate. Just in the middle of those rough wrinkles, the dirt closes and forms many dead cells, so it needs the care to prevent the skin in this area from turning dark. If dead skin cells on the heel become too thick and dry, it also causes painful symptoms, so do not ignore this area.

What Causes Calluses on Feet?

Bad habits that cause calluses in the elbows and feet!

First of all, we have to correct the bad habit that causes the skin of the elbows and heels to darken and create dead cells. Despite good care, some bad habits make efforts useless. We must strive to correct these bad habits for our beauty. Try checking if you are involved with some of the bad habits below!

– Regularly rub and place elbows on the table or always in a position against the chin.

– Barefoot indoors

– Eliminate dead cells by cutting nails or peeling skin on the hands

– Wear small size shoes, low sole shoes, very high sole shoes, Wearing shoes without socks

Along with the effort to correct these bad habits is causes calluses on feet, I will show you how to care for the elbows or the heel area.

STEP 1. Clean to removes dead cells

In order to protect the body, we should not strongly and excessively remove the hard dead cells that naturally arise on the skin. Remove only ‘cleanly” the layer of dead skin cells that have emerged from the skin and remove the dirt that is trapped in the middle of the wrinkled area in that area.

It’s a good idea to scrub with large particles than the face scrub type. You should remove a sufficient amount of dead cells with warm water or a damp washcloth for complete removal of dead cells. Those who are sensitive to scrub or can do natural scrub. You can mix crushed cereal or large salt grains with essential oils or lotions and can use this mixture to remove dead skin cells.

Points to note! Prohibit the use of a knife or shaver to remove the thick dead cells on the heel! If you think scrub will not help you to completely remove dead cells, then use specialized products like the best electric foot file.

What Causes Calluses on Feet?

STEP 2. Provide moisture

When the weather is a bit dry, the dead skin cells appear with more frequency, this is also causes calluses on elbow and feet. We need to provide enough moisture to it by using products like a balm, body oil, or body cream. After showering, after using the scrub, apply the essential oil with body cream on elbows and heels. Depending on the skin type, choose the right model to apply!

STEP 3. Use patch once a week

Care should be taken using essential oils and creams, but we should also apply the patch once a week to these two areas. One way you can do it is to soak a cotton pad with skin or essence and apply it on the elbow area for about 5 ~ 10 minutes. If not, you can apply essential oils or lotions and cover the area with plastic wrap. In the case of the heel, there is an additional way to use a specialized patch product for the foot. Use this product to leave the legs moist, very pretty! I would recommend this method again, apply enough lotion on your feet, and put on socks before you sleep.

How to prevent calluses?

What Causes Calluses on Feet?

We can completely prevent calluses in different ways, such as:

Choose the right shoes: The most common cause of calluses is wearing shoes of inappropriate size and shape. Wearing suitable shoes helps the feet not to suffer too much friction. When choosing shoes to buy, you should go in the evening because at this time your feet size is a little bit big. You can also ask the shopkeeper to measure the size of your feet and choose shoes that are neither too loose nor too tight.

Wear socks: When you wear shoes, wear socks to minimize friction on your feet. Pay attention to the selection of a soft, not too rough fabric to protect the foot skin.

Do not go barefoot: To prevent foot skin friction with hard ground or stone leading to injury.

Cut your toenails regularly: Too long toenails will push the toes close to the contact with the shoes. This results in calluses over time. Therefore it is necessary to trim the toenails properly and regularly.

Hand and foot skincare: The hands and feet are the places that are usually under pressure in everyday life. So we should take care of them regularly to prevent calluses from forming. Soak your hands or feet in warm water, then wipe dry and apply moisturizer. This helps to soften the skin of the limbs, preventing the skin from hardening.


Most calluses can be reduced and disappear gradually if friction reduces. When we have a bottle, we can apply home remedies to help remove the calluses easily. For large sores that cause a lot of pain, you can consult with your doctor about surgical methods that help resolve quickly. Or, if you have diabetes or osteoarthritis deformities, you should see a specialist for examination and treatment.

Lastly, calluses can be effectively prevented with protective measures and daily care. At the same time, changing bad habits will help prevent calluses from appearing. I hope this article can help you. I wish you always peace and good luck!